Whether you’re renting a place or you’ve bought it, there are some things that you need to know how to repair. Sure, as a tenant, it’s not your responsibility to fix something like a worn washer, but that won’t help much when water is gushing out of the faucet at three in the morning. If you need handyman services Florence sc call us instead.

Here are five home repairs that everyone should really know how to do themselves.

Changing a Faucet Washer

A dripping faucet is a nuisance, but it’s also simple to fix, and you get plenty of notice that it’s wearing out. The main thing you need to know to complete this repair is where the water shutoff valve for your house is. Once that’s been shut off, it’s easy enough to unscrew the faucet and replace the washer.

Fixing a Tripped Breaker

Every home with electricity has a breaker box with circuits that control power to various sections of the house, though larger appliances may be on their own circuit breaker switch. Occasionally something will trip one of those breakers, meaning the power is turned off.

If you have power to your entire home except for one room, for example, there is likely a tripped breaker. This fix is as simple as opening the breaker box, which is often a grey box in the basement or garage and flipping the switch back to on.

Stopping a Running Toilet
If you continue to hear water running long after your toilet has been flushed, you have yourself a “running” toilet. To fix this, you just lift the top lid and reposition the float valve inside. The chain may have fallen off, the bar may be bent, or the mechanism may need to be replaced.


There’s a big difference between just slapping on a few coats of paint and doing a good job. That difference lies in the prep work that you’ve done. Be sure that you know exactly how to prep a wall that needs to be painted. Fix holes properly and prime the wall before you start.

Clearing a Blocked Drain

Clearing a blocked drain is something else that can be relatively simple. The kitchen and bathroom sinks alike have a U-shaped pipe beneath them aptly called a U-trap. Place a large bowl or pot below the pipe, undo the fittings, remove the pipe section, and clean it out before putting it back. No more clog.

The five skills that we’ve focused on are easy to learn. All you need to do is to head over to YouTube, and you can become an instant expert.