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We have a unique approach to window replacement and this is what makes us a favorite choice for the residents of Florence, SC. We offer many different types, styles, and colors with a personal touch, at affordable prices.

We have skilled and talented technicians who will work to give you the best result. We go over and above everything that we do to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied. If you are looking to replace your home’s windows, talk to us and we will give you a free quote.

If you are looking for home replacement windows in Florence, there are a lot of different types of windows to choose from for your home.  There are all different styles of windows, colors, shapes and insulation levels.  It is simply amazing to see all the options. And, for some homeowners, it is really hard to understand.  That is why it is best if you find an installer you trust. Ask us what is best for your situation. The windows of yesterday do not compare to what the windows are like now.  Many of us see a lot of windows and think the home is going to be cold or drafty, which it is not at all like that. 

Vinyl windows are built to be maintenance-free.  These are the most popular style of windows and come in a variety of different ways they open.  Double-hung windows are the most common for most homes today as they are easy to clean as well.   This style will open from the top or the bottom which makes it easy for you to control the way you ventilate the home.  These are great for Florence when we have an nice breeze going on. However, single hung windows do tend to be more weather resistant.  

Window Energy Ratings 

One factor that everyone should look at is the energy rating of the window you are choosing. Remember, you only put in the windows once but you pay those heating and cooling bills all year long for years to come. So, putting in a good window could save you thousands over the course of the home’s life.

The window should come with an R rating. The R-value is similar to that of insulation. The higher the rating on the window the better insulation it provides. Getting a good R rating will provide good insulation for energy as well as block out sound coming from the outside as well.  If you live by a busy highway this might be very important.

What type of Window?

Vinyl windows can be made to have the look of wood without the maintenance.  Wood windows do not last as long and do not provide the energy efficiency that vinyl does.  However, if you are looking for a long-lasting window, Fiberglass is also a great option. Fiberglass windows are good for 50 years or more as opposed to 30 years with vinyl.  Fiberglass windows are more durable and better, they are also more costly. Which is why the vinyl window is still one of the better solutions and most popular. Both vinyl and fiberglass are less costly than those made of wood.

Wood windows are typically wood on the interior and covered in aluminum on the exterior.  They do require some maintenance over time with painting or staining as well as ensure the aluminum doesn’t get loose and water gets to the wood.  This can cause the wood and window to rot. That is why wood is not a good choice in Florence SC. Humidity tends to have a negative factor on wood windows.  They are better for very dry climates.  

There are all kinds of window types as well. Here we discussed single and double pan windows.  But, there are casement, bay or bow, glass block, slider, awning, and skylight windows as well.  If you are looking for windows be sure to do your research and call upon us to help you in the process.

Why Hire Us?

Just by replacing your old windows with ones that are energy efficient you will save mony on your electric bill. We are here to make the process easier for you and there is no aspect of the project that we cannot handle. 

You should hire us because we are:

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