A handyman is typically a person skilled at a wide range of repairs.  A handyman should be skilled at numerous common home maintenance, home repairs, and tasks. The projects a handyman can assist with is quite extensive.  So what are some of the jobs you can expect your neighborhood handyman to help you with?  Let’s explore if you need a handyman Florence SC.

First and foremost, one of the most common times you might call a handyman would be for basic repairs.  Maintaining a home or business can be a big job.  Think of all the systems in your home that make it a functional, and comfortable place to live or work in.  There are a plumbing system, electrical system, heating, and air conditioning systems, to name just a few.  Inevitably, sooner or later, some part of one of these systems is going to malfunction, and you may need the help of a handyman.

One service a handyman may offer may be plumbing.  A handyman can help unclog a toilet, sink, or tub.  A handyman can repair leaky pipes, or a leaky faucet, or other plumbing repairs.  He can also help with the installation of new items that require plumbing, such as a garbage disposal, a new toilet or sink, or a water line.  A handyman may also be able to help with septic system repair and maintenance.

Another common home maintenance item may include electrical work.  A handyman can assist with a faulty light switch, faulty appliances, or shorts in the wiring.   He can also assist with installing a light fixture, ceiling fan, or other electrical project requiring wiring,

Sometimes, you may just wish to do basic updates to your home.  You may want some rooms painted.   A handyman should be skilled at painting and drywall work.  Maybe you wish to do some remodeling, such as re-facing or installing new kitchen cabinets or installing new countertops, or tile work, such as installing a backsplash or remodeling your bathroom.  Installing new wood, tile, or other flooring is another job a handyman can help with.

Another area where a handyman may be able to help might be installing new locks on your doors.  A handyman may also be able to install new doors or new windows in your home.  You may need pictures hung on your walls.  Or maybe you need curtain rods or blinds installed on your windows.  A handyman should be able to assist with all of the above.

A handyman may also be skilled at such things as building a deck or installing a fence in your yard.  Some handymen even include yard work in the services they offer.  This could include trimming trees or bushes, planting flowers, trees, or bushes, removing roots, mowing your lawn, or trimming weeds.

The above are just a few of the basic services that a handyman might offer.   The list of possible services is extensive and endless.  Services may vary from one handyman to another.  The first step to getting started is to find a good local handyman with references and discuss your needs.